Thank you for visiting the homepage of the Kikiallus Nation.
Our tribe has been growing and many new events and activities are coming up.
Please revisit this website to stay up to date with everything.

We are a coastal based tribe native to Washington State pending federal recognition

All of our activities, seminars and classes are open to the public.
You do not need to be a tribal member to participate or attend.

We are always looking for creative and talented people who are willing to help out with events and classes.

If you would like to contribute or join in on an activity, let us know through our contact page.

All of our members earn their living through hard work and a minimalist lifestyle.

We support each other with donations and fundraising activities throughout the year.

All of our efforts are for sustaining ourselves and our families which makes all of our activities not for profit.

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Latest News and Information
To all involved or interacting with members of the KiKiallus Indian Nation:
Let it be known that Luis Anthony Ewing
is not a member of the KiKiallus Nation.
Luis Ewing does not represent the KiKiallus Nation
or any KiKiallus tribal member.
Luis Ewing does not have any authorization, affiliation or connection with KiKiallus events, contributors, supporters, volunteers
or any of its members.
Additional Information

There is quite a bit of inacurate and mis-information available on the internet about the Kikiallus Tribe. Here are the facts...


The KiKiallus Nation is a signatory tribe named within the first paragraph of the Point Elliot Treaty 1855

In 1855 the Cheif of the KiKiallus tribe was among the tribal leaders that signed the original document.

The Govenors Office for Indian Affairs website has this information transcribed for ease of reading:


The Indian Education website has the KiKiallus Indian Nation listed in the 'Non-Federally Recognized Tribes in Washington State' catagory.


​KiKiallus Nation - Heritage, Pride and Honor of the Great Northwest

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